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Xojo Web2 — Messages in DevTools (Browser’s Debugger)

Xojo Web2 — Messages in DevTools (Browser’s Debugger)

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Jeannot Muller
·Nov 23, 2021·

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Perhaps you might have noticed that larger companies are putting their own messages in the debugging console of the web browser.

What I mean is messages like the below one from

It is actually easy to achieve this with Xojo Web. Add an “Opening” event to the “Session” of your Web App.

Add for instance the following code:

// string with your message
Var myMessage As String = “console.log(‘%cBetter get out of here ;-)’, ‘color: red; font-size: 30px;’)”

// Execute via a JS injection

will give you the following result in your browser’s console:

The magic is done with the “%c” in the console.log command, which only indicates that you want the following text to be formatted via CSS. You can read more about all the available options in this article:

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