Dr. Jeannot Muller

If you are using Ghost(Pro), e-mail is, of course, implemented in the product. If you are using the very convenient 1-Click installation from digitalocean.com, you have to configure e-mail yourself.

First switch to the ghost user:

sudo -i -u ghost-mgr

Then switch to the Ghost folder:

cd /var/www/ghost

You have to edit the following file:

vi config.production.json

The below part needs to be added/changed:

"mail": {	
"from": "dr@jeannot-muller.com",	
"transport": "SMTP",	
"service": "sendmail",
"options": {		
    "port": 587,		
    "host": "smtp.office365.com",		
    "auth": {			
        "user": "YOUR-EMAIL@ADDRESS",			
        "pass": "PASSWORD"		

The "sendmail"-statement is essential. It will ensure that ghost will use sendmail and not any other installed Mail program (e.g., Postfix, etc.).