Search Online Help for all Languages

Search Online Help for all Languages

More and more developers use several programming languages at the same time or different languages per project. often solves 2 problems:

  • One interface for all online help manuals
  • Searching across all selected programming languages

The tool is customizable to your needs and you can only enable the languages you are interested in. In this example I searched for Java and could now “Enable” the OpenJDK package I’m interested in.

In this example I’m searching for “Date” and I’ll found everything, according to the languages I have enabled.

Of course you can change under preferences to dark mode and make other changes according to your taste and needs.

At the time of writing a total of 625 languages, libraries and frameworks are available. There is usually a short delay for the newest libraries, but please be aware that some smaller and exotic languages (like Xojo for instance) are not available.

This often happens with languages that rely on proprietary documentation solutions, or are simply too unimportant or irrelevant for the masses.

Despite this limitation I found the possiblity to simultaneously search the online help of multiple programming languages very convenient in many cases.