Dr. Jeannot Muller

A lot of customers are complaining about Fitbit Aria 2 WLAN connectivity issues with their 'Fitbit aria 2' scale. The former model, "Fitbit aria" (without the '2'), had a few problems indeed. First of all, it only understood the Wifi b standard, and passwords and SSID were limited to the characters and numbers.

The new Fitbit Aria 2 promised considerable improvements in this area. Still, I recently ran into a few challenges as well, ending up in the scale not connecting any longer to my WLAN.

First of all, it is difficult to find specific solutions to reported 'aria 2' issues, as the Internet is full of former complains of the first Fitbit Aria scale.

Finally, I found out that I had changed my router a reset of the Fitbit Aria 2 scale was the only way to fix my issues, but unfortunately the way I tried to do the reset was wrong. It's not enough to hold the rest button (left to the serial number 'SN') in the battery box for a few seconds.

Indeed you have to take out one battery, then you are pushing the reset button, and you have to ensure to keep it pressed and re-insert the battery while keep holding the reset button for at least 10 seconds.

If you did everything right, you would see that your Fitbit Aria 2 WLAN re-booting, as shown in the picture below.

During the reboot, your Fitbit Aria2 WLAN scale resets set to the factory defaults, and the configuration of a new WLAN environment will again work without any issues.

The manual describes this clearly, but how many of us are reading manuals, especially a manual for a simple scale. But a sentence or even better a picture, telling us that the customers have to ensure that scale will enter a reboot would have been very helpful.