Is Electron Old School?

Is Electron Old School?

Something seems to be derailing here:

Electron is known to be a wrapper for all kinds of JS frameworks and includes tons of nodejs ballast and Chromium components and thus a memory hog per application (RAM and file size).

If Tauri or others (like wails) can do it better and leaner, then that makes sense and maybe Electron’s swan song at some point. That sounds plausible.

Making JS available for the desktop via such tools is great because it can indeed replace many desktop applications. All? Certainly not, but it’s one of many possible alternatives to Xojo for instance.

It is somehow obvious that all the major players mentioned using other programming languages in addition to JS. That’s even the case with Xojo Web because you won’t get very far with it without JS — even if the company will of course see this completely differently.

I’m not sure if Electron is “old school” yet, but it sure is a bad school (at least in 2022).