Dr. Jeannot Muller

Out of my own experience Parallels is by far more performant on macOS than a Windows Virtual Machine in VMware Fusion.

The good news is that you can test it yourself or finally migrate from Parallels to VMware by converting the virtual machine with some easy steps:

First of all, you have to ensure to uninstall the VMware Tools in your VMware virtual machine. Secondly, please ensure that your virtual hard drive on your VMware is one file only and not split into multiple files.

You will find the respective checkbox under the menu item /Virtual Machine/Settings/Hard Drives (SCSI)/. Again, you have to ensure that split into several files is not ticked!

Now, start a terminal session (Finder/Applications/Utilities) and execute the following command and hit <Return>:

/Applications/Parallels\ Desktop.app/Contents/MacOS/prl_convert <PATH_TO_YOUR_VMWARE_FILE.vmwarevm> --no-src-check --no-reconfig

The program will now convert for you the .vmware file into the parallels format (*.pvm).

Next, run your Parallels app on your Mac and open the newly converted file, and install the Parallels tools, and you are ready to work with your new parallels virtual machine.