Dr. Jeannot Muller

Back in 2008 I wrote a plug-in for WordPress on "Wordpress.org", called Flickr-Slideshow-Wrapper (FSSW).

Times are changing and so does Technology. FSSW was called a “wrapper”, as it basically embedded a native flickr.com functionality to be shown within a self-hosted wordpress.org installation.

Roughly a year ago, flickr.com changed fundamentally its layout and look&feel and made as well changes on how to embed a flickr slideshow. The used method of using iframes and Flash was declared obsolete by flickr.com. Due to security concerns with flash, I do understand flickr, especially as this method was never “officially” supported.

The sad news for the many users of FSSW is that this plug-in won’t work any longer, and there is nothing I can change about it, as the basic technology basically doesn’t exist any longer. This means that even if you are running an older WordPress installation the plug-in as such will work, but it will still not be possible to embed any slideshow.

However, there are many other plug-ins out, using new concepts of flickr.com and their API to embed pictures. I don’t want to give a particular recommendation, as every plug-in has its pros and cons. It will – as always – be best for you to try which plug-in suits your needs best.

Below you can see how the plug-in worked and how it looked like. But please note again, that we are talking about the past. R.I.P. flickr-slideshow-wrapper and thank you to so many of you, who used this plugin successfully for quite a while. Last but not least I want to thank again Cory Shubert and his wife from "ShubertMedia" for their courtesy of using their pictures for showing the functionality of this plug-in.