Dr. Jeannot Muller

What an idiot! He is right that following his suggestions, COVID-19 may not kill you, but a sudden heart attack might.

“What do we have to lose? I feel very good about it.” - You, Donald, losing you would be a relief for humanity. Please, delete (or clarify) your stupid and unreflected tweets before more people kill themselves:


Chloroquine looks promising. But let's acknowledge that China tried the drug as a treatment for SARS-CoV-2 after early positive clinical trials. Still, within days officials warned health-care professionals of its lethal side effects.

A combination of chloroquine with antibiotics or any other self-medicated drug cocktail can be lethal, period. "JUST DON'T DO IT!".

I'm concerned that European broadcasting companies are spreading the news of "Dr" Trump unthinkingly.

Don't self-medicate with any drug cocktail, especially NOT a cocktail of 2 drugs known to lead to arrhythmias. No use without the supervision of your doctor!

I don't mind if people believe it will help to drink boiled water every 15 minutes and many other silly pieces of advice, but Trump's suggestion can very likely be harmful. Every medical student is learning this at an early stage of her or his education.

In Germany, azithromycin is available as Azyter, InfectoAzit, Ultreon, Zithromax, Azi-Teva, Sumamed (and multiple generic medicinal products) and Bayer sold Chloroquine until 2019 under the name "Resochin".

A few studies are currently running in Europe to analyze the benefits on COVID-19. Still, by no means, this is yet a free certificate for self-medication with drug cocktails, increasing the well-known side effects.

Coronavirus: das sagt Trump

Lange hat Donald Trump das Coronavirus ignoriert und verharmlost. Nun inszeniert sich der US-Präsident als «Feldherr» im Krieg gegen die Pandemie. Und findet, er habe alles richtig gemacht. 🙄

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Update April 12th, 2020: France stopping the treatment with chloroquine:

French hospital stops hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID-19 patient over major cardiac risk
The head of cardiology said they are now monitoring the ECG recordings of patients in the trial.

Update April 24th, 2020: Trump's suggestions are even getting worse: